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    ETFE Granule Moulding Grade HY49010
    ETFE (ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene) fluoropolymer, which can be used as a powder for particle or rotary molding,which combines excellent mechanical toughness and excellent chemical inert near fluoropolymer resin. This kind of ETFE resin is characterized by easy processing. The specific gravity is 1.7, resisting high energy radiation. According to the standard of 20000 hours, the continuous exposure temperature of most grades is 150 °C ~ + 302 °F). ETFE fluoropolymer resin is processed by conventional melt extrusion technology and injection, compression, transfer, rotation and blow molding technology. Compared with Teflon FEP and PFA, the relatively high flow rate of these resins provides higher rates and less pullout. Reciprocating screw injection molding machine is preferred. Long extruder cylinders, relative diameter, are used to provide residence time to melt these high-temperature resins.
    Main Application
    HY49010 is suitable for many end products, including casing, coils, sockets, connectors and switches, laboratory equipment such as tubing, valves, containers and plates, batteries or instrument components requiring chemical inertia; Chemical service items such as valve components, sealing glands, pipe plugs, bellows and bellows.
    Performance Index:
    Melting Point(°C)270
    Melt Index(g/10min)10-13
    Tensile Strength (MPa)≥13
    Mechanical propertiesElongation at break(%)200-400
    Compressive strength(MPa)49
    coefficient of dynamic friction0.4
    Thermal propertiesContinuous highest use temperature(°C)180
    HDT (°C) (18.5kg/cm2)74
    coefficient of linear expansion*105(K-1)9.0-9.3
    Electric performanceVolume resistance(Ω·CM)>1017
    Insulation destruction voltage (0.2mm)(MV/m)16
    Dielectric Loss Tangent(tanδ)(X106Hz)<0.0005China ETFE Moulding Process

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