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    High temperature-resistant conveyor belt is combined by multi-layer rubber cotton canvas (polyester cotton fabric) or polyester canvas covered with a high temperature or heat resistant rubbers at top and bottom, high temperature vulcanization bonded together, suitable for transport less than 175 ℃coke, cement, slag and hot castings! Mainly used in metallurgy, construction and other industries, transport sinter, coke, cement clinker and other high-temperature materials, material temperature does not exceed 800 ℃, with a surface temperature not more than 220 ℃. It’s character is use EPDM as rubber cover, frame material used special high temperature canvas in domestic, unique formula designed to solve problems such as EPR saturation, poor adhesion, low adhesion between the layers. Having characters as light belt body, long life, good heat resistance characteristics.
    1.Long time transport materials with temperature 200℃
    2. Belt body keep flexibility, rubber surface cover seldom have cracks and harden.
    3. The frames are made of steel mesh material or high modulus low shrinkage material, has good stability.
    4. Good heat resistant performance, and also has good tear resistance and abrasion resistance, can reduce maintenance and reduce costs.
    Physical properties
    Tensile strengthThe performance change rate %40
    The lowest value after aging5
    Tensile elongationPerformance change rate %60
    The lowest value after aging150
    Wire rope bonding strength
    ItemCloth layerCover thickness
    Longitudinal test mean8712
    Longitudinal test mean86.511
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