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The latest highlights from GYPWORLD:


 During the course of the project the GYPWORLD consortium have a number of conferences and events planned. Check back here to stay informed.

There is events

Our goals

The GYPWORLD project aims at an integrated global study of the ecology and evolution of plant and lichen life on gypsum, including eight gypsum-rich regions from four continents that differ in geological origin, climate, and flora.

Improve knowledge of the plant and lichen diversity of gypsum ecosystems worldwide and develop a global checklist of gypsophiles.

Understand the evolutionary origins and assembly of gypsophile floras worldwide using molecular phylogenetics.

Evaluate potential adaptive mechanisms for plant survival on gypsum, the functional structure of gypsum plant and lichen communities and the processes regulating gypsum ecosystem functioning.

Analyse the responses of gypsum plant communities to global change drivers and explore how ecosystem restoration and conservation can help mitigate the pervasive effects of global change on gypsum soils.

Promote the study of gypsum ecosystems worldwide, consolidate and expand a worldwide network of researchers to undertake global collaborative studies on gypsum ecosystems.

Communicate the huge ecological value of these ecosystems and the need to preserve them to the general public, school students and, particularly, local communities.


If you would like to become a member of the GYPWORLD community please register here. Members of the GYPWORLD community include:


A global initiative to understand gypsum ecosystem ecology.

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