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Conference Presentations & Courses

Conference Presentations & Courses

2018 1st Gypsum Ecosystem Research Conference

2018 1st Gypsum Ecosystem Research Conference

Analysis of Phylogenies Training Course

Analysis of Phylogenies

Part 1: Phylogenetic study

Part 2: Acquiring and storing material

Why Phylogenies


DetermInatIon of chemIcalandphysIcalanalysIstolerance of someassocIatIonsdetectedIngypsIferousandmarlysoIlsInEskİşehİr: Dr. Derviş ÖZTÜRK

Gypsum ecosystems as biodiversity hotspots: Hilda Flores-Olvera, Michael J.Moore, Helga Ochoterena, Norma A. Douglas

Influence of vascular plants and biocrusts on the spatial structure of gypsum communities of the Chihuahuan Desert Ana Foronda, Michael J. Moore, Nicole Pietrasiak, Megan Stovall and Yolanda Pueyo

Different roles of shrubs in spatially structuring the soil seed bank in semi-arid gypsum plant communities of NE Spain. Ana Foronda, Yolanda Pueyo, Ramón Reiné, Antonio I. Arroyo, María de la luz Giner and Concepcion L. Alados

Base information to study gypsum ecosystems in Argentina. Walter Alejandro Muiño

Gypsum Areas and Endemism in Sivas. Prof.Dr.H Askin Akpulat

Gypsicole FloraProf. Dr. Latif Kurt

How many Gypsophytes are there? A Delphi approach for Spain: Juan F. Mota

The GYPSEVOL project: Phenotypic plasticity and natural selection on gypsum endemics and their role on a global change context: ilvia Matesanz, Mario Blanco Sánchez, Marina Ramos-Muñoz, Beatriz Pías, José Alberto Ramírez-Valiente, Adrián Escudero

An “old and established” assemblage: Lessons from the diversification of the Chihuahuan Desert gypsum endemic flora: Mike Moore Clare Muller Rebecca Drenovsky Nathaniel Heiden Zoë Feder Helene Tiley Norm Douglas Hilda Flores Olvera Helga Ochoterena Sara Palacio

GYPWORLD, a global initiative to understnad plant life on Gypsum Sara Palacio

Gypsum ecosystems in Africa: Past and present research, and knowledge gaps. Stefan Siebert

An Overview of Gypsophilous Flora in Italy. Giovanni Spampinato


Population dynamics of endangered gypsophyte species: Verbascum gypsicola Vural & Aydoğdu. Latif Kurt, Ebru Ozdeniz, Beste Gizem Ozbey and Aysenur Bolukbasi

Investigation of the Availability of Gypsophyte and Gypsovag in Monitoring the Pollution Caused by Çayırhan Thermal Power Plants. Latif Kurt, Aysenur Bolukbasi, Ebru Ozdeniz and Beste Gizem Ozbey

2nd International Workshop: GYPWORLD 1-4 April 2019 – Reggio Calabria (Italy)

Key Speakers presentations

Key speaker. Rebecca E. Drenovsky (Oberlin College, USA): Chihuahuan Desert gypsum endemics: patterns of adaptation in relation to phylogeny and distribution extent

Key speaker. Juan Herrero (Agencia Estatal Consejo Superior de Investigaciones): Why gypsum makes soils so special for life

Key speaker. Adrián Escudero (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, SPAIN): Living on gyspsum soils: a challenge for plants and an opportunity for ecologists

Key speaker. Mehdi Abedi (Tarbiat Modares University, IRAN): Functional ecology of arid lands: microhabitats explain vegetation and lichens compositions

Key speaker. Mike Lyons (Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, AUSTRALIA): The gypsum flora and plant communities of Western Australia

Key speaker. Aran Luzuriaga (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, SPAIN): Species coexistence in gypsum habitats of Spain

Carmelo M. Musarella et al.: Which habitat for Sicilian gypsophytes?

Oral Presentations

Evaluating the presence of fungi associated with plant roots of gypsum environments: Estephania Duplat, Andreu Cera, Antonio Gómez-Bolea, Gabriel Montserrat-Martí, Sara Palacio

Gypsophyles use water from deeper soil layers than gypsovags during drought in a semiarid gypsum shrubland community: is deep rooting a key functional trait of gypsum specialists? : José Ignacio Querejeta1, Alicia Montesinos-Navarro2, Miguel Verdú2, Iván Prieto

Neighbourhood matters!: Plant survival and fitness is favoured in experimentally manipulated communities with high phylogenetic diversity: Chaves, R., Ferrandis, P., Ortiz, M. L., Escudero, A. & Luzuriaga, A.L.

Three-year maintained drought reduces diversity in gypsum annual plant communities: Roberto, López-Rubio, David S. Pescador, Adrián Escudero, Ana, M. Sánchez

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