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    Drone spraying pesticide
    This drone for spraying pesticide can cover any liquid product application, and in any terrain type. No matter what crop you plant, you can greatly use this drone and reduce the cost and labor time of your current fertilizer/pesticide application.
    Product description
    Being different from the traditional agricultural work, drone spraying pesticide turns spraying work into an easy job of controlling the drones. Providing AB point operations, the drone can automatically spray according to the designated route under the AB point operation mode.

    Diagonal wheelbase1150MMMotor model6215
    Capacity5LESC model60A
    Empty weight7KGPropeller size22 Inches
    Flight time12MINSBattery capacity16000mA
    Spray scope2.5-3MSupply voltage6S
    Flight high while working2-3 MWork efficiency0.16acres/h
    Working speed5-6M/SFlight times2 fligts per battery
    ▶Crash-proof. The structure of the drone is firm because of the supporting frame made from aluminium alloy is strong enough, normal falling of the drone will not bring fateful destruction to the drone.

    ▶Smart nozzles. Four fan-shaped nozzles are equipped on the drone, the flow and atomization effects can flexibly adjust to different needs. While the drone is working, you can choose only two of the nozzles or both four on work depends on the wind direction, so as to reduce the waste of pesticide and the possibility of smudging the drone.

    Product structure
    1. Monoblock drone structure.
    2. Plug-in water tank connect to built-in water pipe.
    3. Four spraying nozzles
    4. Center-placed motor.

    Company information
    Rdroneguy Technology Co., Limited is a professional drone supplier with OEM research and development capabilities. We are equipped with a complete supply chain system that can make drones resource be quickly integrated, so as to meet customers demand for high-volume product inventory.
    Q: Can you accept mixed batch of different products?
    A: Yes, we are support different product mix wholesale, no limit of raw materials and mechanical parts, and color specifications, etc
    Q: How to calibrate the magnetic wheel?
    A: During the process of calibrating the magnetic disk, it is not possible to delay for a long time in the middle. Otherwise the calibration timeout will fail. The transmission factor of the factor transmission module is relatively slow. It is recommended to use a USB cable for calibration of sensors such as magnetic compass. It is recommended to confirm the orientation of the six faces on the ground before calibration to avoid overturning errors or delays in the air.
    Q: How to use indoor mode to fly when GPS can be positioned?(For some specific drones)
    A: When the GPS signal quality is not good, you can enter the indoor mode without turning off the GPS. When the GPS signal quality is good, the GPS must be turned off to turn on the indoor positioning system.Agriculture Spray Drone for sale

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