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  • lolpv1 posted an update 7 months, 1 week ago

    Major Planet carrier for Mine vehicle Descriptions
    The figure as shown is the accessory for North Hauler’s mining vehicle – TR100 planet carrier. Such kind of planet carrier is an accessory planet carrier among mining vehicle series, which has a high requirement for casting. It not only needs good mechanical performance, but also has a high requirement for size. The opening control is very rigorous. If the difference of opening is large, it is likely to affect the assembling of sun gear within the opening. Our company has also supplied TR35, TR50 and TR60 series planet carriers for it.
    WeightAround 300 kgdrawing No.15235892
    material65-45-12 (ASTM)SizeD870*250

    This part is delivered by rough casting. The whole body of the casting is coated with red primer.Mine Vehicle Ductile Iron Casting price

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