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Women and Science: What they do not tell you

Women and Science: What they do not tell you

On the 3rd of June Eva Tobias Olarte (PhD in Gender Studies) held  the training course on Women in Science at the Faculty of Sciences, University of Ankara, Turkey.

The objective of the course where to provide training on Gender Equality, in accordance with the aims of the Program Horizon 2020. Gender equality is a core value of the European Union. Although considerable progress has been made, gender inequality persists. There remain gender gaps in the labour market, with women still over-represented in the lower paid sectors, and under-represented in leadership and decision-making positions, both in the public and the private sectors

In particular, during the training course the students

  • Reflected on the current situation of women and men in the field scientific / academic ¨
  • Built a knowledge base and exchange of experiences in gender equality issue.

The course was well received by the students and for many it was the first time they have had an opportunity to attend such a course and discuss the issues with others.

Thank you Eva!

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