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Biodiversity – How diverse are gypsum ecosystems? package

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Biodiversity – How diverse are gypsum ecosystems? package

Gain Information about the plant and lichen diversity of gypsum ecosystems worldwide and obtain a preliminary global checklist of gypsum specialists.

Workpackage Leader
Juan Mota (UAL)

Task 1.1.- Creation of a preliminary global checklist of gypsophiles. The elaboration of a complete global checklist of plants and lichens exclusive to gypsum soils is a difficult task that exceeds the duration and scope of the present project and is currently unfeasible given the political situation in many of the countries of the world rich in gypsum soils. However, this proposal can make an important first step towards this goal, by obtaining preliminary checklists of gypsum exclusive plants and lichens from the territories included in the proposal. To this end, we will:
1.- Start by reviewing all published information available on gypsum plant and lichen species worldwide
2.- Undertake expeditions to regions with less baseline knowledge on gypsum soils and their associated floras (Argentina, Chile and Australia).
3.- In areas with better geological and floristic knowledge of gypsum outcrops, such as Iran, Italy, Turkey or the Chihuahuan Desert, expeditions will focus on searching for new potential gypsophiles and gypsovags.
Task 1.2.- Evaluate gypsum perennial plant community diversity in different regions of the world following a common sampling protocol. Taxonomic but also functional and phylogenetic information (provided by WPs 2 and 3) will be analysed at the community scale.

Private Group
Active 6 years ago

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