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Origin and evolution of gypsum endemic floras package

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Origin and evolution of gypsum endemic floras package

Understand the origin and evolution of gypsum endemic floras worldwide from a phylogenetic perspective

Workpackage Leaders
Michael Moore (OC) & Maria Prieto (URJC)

This WP will focus on those regions with better background floristic knowledge of gypsum endemic plants, namely Spain, the Chihuahuan Desert, Turkey, Iran and Australia.
Task 2.1.- Compile all existing information. We will start by doing a thorough literature and web database (including GenBank) review, searching all available information for the different floras under study.
Task 2.2.- Collection of plant and lichen material. For each gypsum floristic region indicated for WP-2, we propose to reconstruct comprehensive species-level phylogenies for key gypsum endemic lineages and their closest non-endemic relatives (sampling comprehensively from the entire genus in small genera and from relevant subclades within larger genera).
Task 2.3.- Complete lab work associated with molecular phylogenetics of gypsum endemics and congeners. Given the goals and global scope of the project, we will sequence a mix of the nuclear internal transcribed spacer (ITS) and 2-3 plastid spacer regions for each plant group, which will be sufficient to determine the phylogenetic placement of each gypsum endemic lineage with respect to its closest relatives.
Task 2.4.- Complete phylogenetic analyses, reconstruct trait evolution in a phylogenetic context, and conduct molecular dating analyses.

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